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Game Collective Newsletter Jan 2017

Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Global Game Jam last week! Great turnout and lots of fun games were made! Special thanks to Aaron Klassen for all his hard work making a new Winnitron, the Half-A-Tron! Also to Steve Chubaty who contributed many of the computer parts. Also another big thanks to Daniel Voth for his ongoing organizational efforts and to New Media Manitoba and ACI for once again being fantastic partners in our local events.

Upcoming Events:

Game Collective Meetup Tuesday Jan 31st at the Yellow Dog at 8 (Theres a show at the Burt at 8)

First Friday Feb 3rd 6-10PM @ Electric Monk Media 205-245 McDermot Ave I’ll have the VR owl and Skirmisher demoing so come check them out.

March 3rd Game Collective Peg Jam Arcade II This will be an open house community event where folks can come demo games they have been working on / released / made at game jams. If you’re friends have been wondering what the heck you’re up to at game jams, this is a great time to invite them up to check things out. If anyone would like to come on board as a sponsor to cover snacks and coffee please let me know. Registration is free but you must register in advance. Thanks!

Peg Jam Arcade Registration

Game Collective / NMM Unity Educational workshop series. This is a very exciting education series we’ve been planning for Beginner to Intermediate developers who want to learn a bit more about what you can do with the Unity engine. Details coming very soon.

Ludum Dare April 21st-24th 15th Anniversary LD Jam - Space is booked + small classroom so set the date aside

Thanks everyone and I hope to see you at the coming events!

Events Update

Hello everyone we hope all is well! As we gear up for the holiday season things tend to get a little busier so we hope to see as many of you as possible at some of the upcoming events in the community. There are a variety of events coming up organized by different groups and we encourage you to take advantage of as many of them as possible.


Video Game Marketing in 2017

When: Wednesday November 23 7-9pm
Where: ACI 4th floor classroom
Cost: Free, but register in advance Link
The industry is changing quickly. As the marketplace gets more crowded and new promotional outlets emerge, the rules for marketing your game successfully are being rewritten.
In two weeks, indie game dev ninja Shane Neville will be visiting us from Vancouver to offer a special talk on Marketing Video Games in 2017. Shane is a game industry veteran with multiple award-winning hit titles under his belt, including Need for Speed, Company of Heroes and Shellrazer. Join us and to better understand what you're facing in the video game industry this coming year!

Pixel Art in Mimix with Spencer Marr

When: Thursday, November 24 7:00pm
Where: RRC, 160 Princess Street, Room P315
Cost: Free, but register in advance Link
Spencer Marr is a local developer creating Mimix, an action-adventure platformer with a classic pixel art style that can be played alone or with up to 4 friends.
Spencer will be speaking about his experience working on Mimix thus far, including details about his pixel art workflow in Unity. As always, we'll be headed to the King's Head after the meetup for drinks and further discussion.

Winnipeg Game Collective Meetup

When: Tuesday, November 29 7:00pm
Where: The Yellow Dog Tavern
A casual social gathering of developers from all across Winnipeg come together to share ideas and chat about all things game dev. All are welcome!


NMM Holiday Party

When: Wednesday, December 7 7:00pm
Where: Rudy's Eat & Drink
Cost: $10, Link
Together with the GDC Manitoba, Secret Handshake, and the IGDA, we'll be getting together with industry and friends to celebrate an amazing year and get ready for the holidays. We are expecting to sell out this year’s party (we typically do!) so make sure to register in advance.

Ludum Dare 37

When: Friday-Sunday, December 9-11
Where: Online Link
Ludum Dare is an online community best known for “Ludum Dare”, the Accelerated Game Development Event of the same name (also called a “Game Jam”). During a Ludum Dare, developers from around the world spend a weekend creating games based on a theme suggested by the community.

Winnipeg Game Collective Meetup

When: Tuesday, December 27 7:30pm
Where: The Yellow Dog Tavern
A casual social gathering of developers from all across Winnipeg come together to share ideas and chat about all things game dev. All are welcome!


Global Game Jam 2017

When: Friday-Sunday, January 20-22
Where: TBD
The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world's largest game jam event (game creation) taking place around the world at physical locations. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development.

Winnipeg Game Collective Meetup

When: Tuesday, January 31 7:00pm
Where: The Yellow Dog Tavern
A casual social gathering of developers from all across Winnipeg come together to share ideas and chat about all things game dev. All are welcome!

Behind the Scenes: Making Mixed Reality Trailers - Thursday, Sept 15th

Next week Kert Gartner will be sharing some behind the scenes process from his work: Making Mixed Reality Trailers.

Where: ACI Classrooom
When: 6-8pm on September 15th
Cost: Free, but register ahead of time so we know how many to expect.

BONUS! PegJam indie game developers talk games - following Kert’s presentation, we will be screening 3 videos by NMM, focused on indie game dev companies at the PegJam. Don’t miss it!
(This series was shot by Electric Monk Media. Thank you.)

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Library Jam & Developer Demo Night

Registration has been posted for some upcoming events in August / Sept. In place of Ludum Dare this August, we will be doing our own jam called Library Jam. The idea is you pick a book and have to design a game based on that. If you want, you can also draw a book at the event for the extra challenge.

The other exciting event is the The Winnipeg Game Jam Demo Night. This is the first time we've done a public exhibition of local developers games and it should be a great time. If you are a developer I encourage you to come set up a demo and invite all your friends to come check out what you've been working on. Demoing to the public is one of the best things you can do to gather feedback and get you excited to work on projects again. Please RSVP shortly so we can send out marketing materials in time.

Register Here: http://www.pegjam.com/event-registration/

Also, the Winnipeg Game Collective will be meeting Tuesday August 30th at 7PM at the Yellow Dog for Beers. Please come out and join us!

These events are presented through the support of New Media Manitoba, ACI and Electric Monk Media organized by the Winnipeg Game Collective.

Peg Jam 2016 Post-mortem July 19th 7pm @ Red River College

As we move forward from the 2016 Winnipeg game jam, join us on Tuesday, July 19th 7:00pm at Red River College downtown as we celebrate our community and creativity. Hear from first time game devs, all the way to veteran game jammers as they share their games, experiences and everything in between including audio, programming, art, hardware and much more!

Photo courtesy of Steve Chubaty @thesteveiam

Photo courtesy of Steve Chubaty @thesteveiam

Huge thanks to our PegJam 2016 event partners New Media Manitoba, Electric Monk Media, and ACI Manitoba.


  • Julian Beutel discussing creating music and sounds for PegJam 2016.
  • Steve Chubaty presenting A Quiet Night In The Neighborhood.
  • Matt Woelk presenting Boomtown Bowling.
  • Matheu Plouffe first time jammer presenting Defender of Earth.
  • Amy Gerardy, Graeme Borland, and Ibrahim Shahin presenting their teams game Fancy Fartifacts & Devilish Deals.
  • Braxton Anderson first time developer presenting his first game Fast Food.
  • Joshua Grand and Shera Starr presenting Hope, Abandoned.
  • Aaron Klaassen and Co. presenting their work on the Winnitron launcher.
  • Ryan Hill and Thomas Murphy presenting U.U.M. 3000 - Universal Urban Movers.
  • Anton Uklein presenting Captain Stargo in User Malicious.
  • Spencer Marr presenting Radius Turbo.
  • Daniel Voth and Abdi Abidov presenting Homeowners Association.
  • Dylan Fries presenting The Human Menace.
    Visit Previous Game Jams here on PegJam.com for more info on Peg Jam 2016 and all the games.

Thanks to Red River College for their continued support of IGDA Winnipeg.
Thanks again to our partners New Media Manitoba, Electric Monk Media, and ACI Manitoba.

Peg Jam 2016 Recap +Game Collective Meetup #25

Join us this coming Tuesday 7:30pm at the Yellow Dog Tavern for the Winnipeg Game Collective Meetup as we discuss post Peg Jam 2016 and play some of the games on the Winnitron itself!

Now that all the dust has settled from last weekend's 2016 Winnipeg Game Jam, we would like to take the opportunity to recap the weekend by the numbers. Over the course of the weekend we saw 55+ people make over 20 games, also roughly 6 of those games were made for the Winnitron, with 1 VR game being made for the HTC Vive. Over a quarter of attendees were first time jammers with over 5 of those also being first time game devs!

Check out a collection of Twitter highlights from #PegJam2016 courtesy of Alyson Shane and New Media Manitoba below.

A special thanks goes out to our event partner New Media Manitoba, Dylan Fries from Electric Monk Media for organizing the jam and facilitating an amazing community and ACI Manitoba for access to an amazing space to be creative. Thanks to special guest speaker Calvin French of Kitty Lambda Games from Calgary, as well to Graeme Borland from Owlchemy Labs, freelance artist Amy Gerardy, Mike Berg of WeHeartGames, and BrettLowey of BrainGood Games. Also we would like to thank Albertine Watson, and Daniel Voth for generously volunteering their time and energy. And of course all of YOU for coming out to be apart of such an amazing, supportive, and creative community.


For a list of attendees and all their games feel free to check out Previous Game Jams here on PegJam.com!