2016 Winnipeg Game Jam

Taking place on Thursday, June 16th to Sunday, June 19th 2016 using the theme "There Goes The Neighbourhood" over the course of the weekend we saw 55+ people make over 20 games, also roughly 6 of those games were made for the Winnitron, with 1 VR game being made for the HTC Vive. Over a quarter of attendees were first time jammers with over 5 of those also being first time game devs! Visit the jam page on



Winnitron Network

by Aaron Klaassen and Marlon Wiebe
The Winnitron is a free-to-play independent video game arcade cabinet featuring games created by indie game developers from across the globe


A Quiet Night In The Neighborhood

by Steve Chubaty
A Simple game of color matching made for Winnitron for 1-4 Players! Or at home with 1-4 people cramped around your tiny keyboard, good luck!


The Human Menace

by Dylan Fries, Kevin Whitmore, Mike Milillo and Marshal Fries
Crash landing on Earth, smash around a city in a giant mech. An early prototype made for the Winnipeg Game Jam (Peg Jam) 2016 for the theme "There Goes The Neighborhood".

Boomtown Bowling

by Matt Woelk and Dustin Bogers
Boomtown needs to be demolished, and they're trusting you, a bowling ball, to do the job! Destroy the town, and get as many points as you can within the time limit! Fill up your rampage meter and detonate! Charge up and go BALListic!


Stay Afloat

by Mike Berg of weheartgames
Stay Afloat is a co-operative game of sinking pirate ships. Only you have the ability to keep your partner afloat; shoot life preservers at their ship to heal it. Collect as many coins as you can before sinking.

Captain Stargo in User Malicious

by Anton Uklein
Can you pass through this short and simple platformer? You may have 100 lives but would it be enough is another matter.




by Kai Clavier
Wait for the bus.


Code White: Irresponsible Science

By Daniel Harrison, Julia Passamani, Landon Butterworth, Alex Apperley, Samara Hoffmann and Dan Blair
This is a blended multiplayer game. that blends traditional gaming aspects with VR experiences. It's a collection of mini games that pit the player in VR against 1-3 other players on the computer all based around the central story of experiments gone wrong.



Defender of Earth

by Matheu Plouffe
You are humanity's last hope...


Fancy Fartifacts & Devilish Deals

by Amy Gerardy, Graeme Borland, Ibrahim Shahin, Matthew Bachnick, Reema Andrade and Bogdan Rybak
Sell items to fulfill your curse, but beware of sketchy items!

Hope, Abandoned

by Joshua Grand and Shera Starr
Strange things have happened since the mysterious neighbours have moved in. Pets have gone missing, children stopped playing outside, people began putting their houses up for sale left and right. You find yourself in their house, and must solve your way to safety.

There Goes the Neighbourhood

by Jacob Linney and A. Roncin
Grampa's had enough of the Frat Boys, and it's time for his revenge.


Radius Turbo

by Patrick Cosyns and Spencer Marr
Radius Turbo is an exciting top down, split screen shooter where you have 3 lives and 3 bullets. The more intense the combat the more time you have to react with time dilation mechanics that ramp up with the action around you. Best your friends with the use of skillful dodges and by mastering the versatile magnet gun.


Fast Food

by Braxton Anderson


Hillbilly Time Trial

by Jay Scott

U.U.M. 3000 - Universal Urban Movers

by Ryan Hill and Thomas Murphy



by Julian Beutel
Music composed for entries for the 2016 Winnipeg Game Jam, June 17-19th in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Bunny Town

by Calvin French of Kitty Lambda Games

Deep Space Slingshot

by Jason Wright


by Liem Nguyen, Mark Delorme and Christian Miranda

Rolling Death

by Arjan Dulat and Heinrich Harms

Chris Wionzek
& many more!