Winnitron/Winnipeg Game Jam 2015

Off the success of the 2014 Winnipeg Game Jam as well as the Ludum Dare 32 local game jam the 2015 Winnipeg Game Jam was held on Thursday, May 28th to Sunday, May 31st. In conjunction with the Winnitron Ressurrection Jam: Halifax being held in Halifax, Nova Scoatia. The themes were "Land & Sea" and "Resurrection". "Land & Sea" because Winnipeg is landlocked and Halifax is a coastal city, and "Resurrection" because the Winnitron was being revived from the dead. Listed below, are most of the participants including links to their games.


Obbie's Otterssey

by Lesley Klassen, John Luxford, & Rachael of Campfire Union
The concept is a cross between Dig Dug and Snake, where you're an otter on a quest to save all of otterkind from the brink of environmental destruction by leading them to a mythical underground sea.


Electric Scubaloo

by Graham Wiebe & James Gudge
Electric Scubaloo is a competitive 2 Player underwater fight for Treasure. Players try to collect the most treasure in the time limit while trying not to drown underwater.


Pirate Jammers

by Ryan Hill
Two-player ship racing game.


Super Time Surf

by Steve Chubaty
Play head-to-head with your favorite rival in this super rad arcade shoot 'em up where you can rewind time on the lasers shot out of the laser cannon head on your two-headed, hoverboard riding flamingo.


Super Robot Volleyball

by Cameron Hall & Mark Podrouzek from Halifax, NS
When the Earth is freed from man only the machines will remain. Let the tournament begin!



by Ashley Pringle from Halifax, NS
PADDLE BADDLE is an exhilarating local multiplayer Pong-like with revolutionary Dual Stick action! Now you control the paddle AND the ball! Master the powerful SLAP SHOT technique by wailing on your computer gamepad! DESTROY your opponent in their MOMENT OF WEAKNESS and DRAIN their points away! Compete against a friend and win the PADDLE BADDLE!



by Andrew Shouldice from Halifax, NS
real life in atlantic canada


Robot Tron

by Marlon Wiebe from Halifax, NS
Built for the Winnitron Game Jam. It is super rough. Trying to go for faux-CGA graphics.



by Hannes Devillé from Halifax, NS
ZUIL is a competitive 2 player building game. The first player to build a Pillar 4 pieces high wins the game!


Harpy's Axe

by Elliott Davis from Halifax, NS
Created during a game jam for the indie arcade cabinet The Winnitron (and The HalifaxMachine)



by Ian Johnston & Sean Canuel from Halifax, NS
Do you have what it takes to travel to The Island and face THE CHALLENGE?



by rogueNoodle from Halifax, NS
1-2 player arcade game, earth competes against water to cover more of the planet.


Jonah and the Whale

by Adam Hartling from Halifax, NS
Jonah is a hard as nails ex cop who doesn't take flack from anyone. The Whale is a crudely drawn whale with a stupid looking smile. For no reason whatsoever, they decide to destroy all the bees in the area. To do so, they need to be close enough to create the rainbow line of friendship to use their weapons. Jonah can only walk on land. Whale can only swim on water.


Road River Rally

by Stevebro from Halifax, NS


Daniel Voth
Beck Sutherland
Abdi Abidov
Dillon Prefontaine
Anand Friesen @cmpstface
Anthony Dorge @corefire77
Ben tiessen
Brett Neufeld
Carlie Lytwyn @cagedleech
Chris Driscoll
David Shefet
Devin Reimer @DevinReimer
Devin Reimer @Malodomini
Graeme Borland @graebor


Jocelyne Le Leannec @jawzlean
Joel Forest
Jonathan Smadello @jprogman
Joshua Grand @FaelimJG
Jostin Asuncion @jasuncion30
Kory Spain
Landon Butterworth @Ratstache
Mike Melillo @mike_melillo
Rylaan Gimby @Rylaan
Scott Greig @gspawn
Shera Starr @anocturnaldream
Terence Burnard
Valerye Bostan
& many more!