2014 Winnipeg Game Jam

The 2014 Winnipeg Game Jam took place on Thursday, July 24th to Sunday, July 27th, 2014 saw tremendous growth in the community that culminated in a amazing game jam weekend. Including hosting guest speakers from Halifax, NS as well as from our own community. Listed below, are most of the participants including links to their games.

Party Sketch 3D

by Lesley Klassen, Jordan Maschio, Mac Ens, and Olaf Pyttlik
A virtual reality painting game.


Office High Five

by Mike Berg
Run through an office, high-fiving co-workers! Dodge walls and other obstacles, and get as many consecutive high-fives as possible to increase your combo.
Game Jolt


Grizzly Intentions

by Spencer Marr, Justin Weins, Josh Grand, Cody Monkman, and Shera Starr
A rampant bear is on the loose! You and your friends face inevitable doom at the maws of this violent grizzly. Prolong your survival by avoiding the bear and punching your friends into him so they fail before you do!


Car Fighter

by Chris Driscoll, Matt Woelk
A 4 player car drifting combat game.



by Daniel Voth, Beck Sutherland and Abdi Abidov
Guide the fox through the cave's by showing it the path and lighting the way.



by James Gudge and Graham Wiebe
A colorful bullet hell.


by Daniel Blair, Grandel Cuvos, Calin Reimer
A spooky maze game.

Holographic Fortune Teller

by Rylaan Gimby
Holographic Fortune Teller on a inverted pyramid made of Plexiglas.


Pocket Knight

by Jim MacKenzie
Inspired by Dreamcast VMU games.



by Kai Clavier
After a well-deserved vacation on planet Clavitron, our hero, MAX COOL decides to get back to space business... in STYLE! They purchase an advanced Clavian spacecraft, the CLAVINATOR 2014 and head off for SPACE ADVENTURE!
Unfortunately for Max, they never learned to read Clavian, and all the controls are illegible, even to a well-seasoned space cowboy like themself! Only YOU can help Max navigate safely, or they will surely meet their space demise...


by Mike Arsenault
A classic RPG style game.


by Josh Jaques

Beat Up the Things

by Graeme Borland


by Bogdan Rybak and Igor Puzhevich

Sand Pirates

by Dylan Fries

Sub, Ship, Shark Attack

by Devin Reimer

The Show

by Laura Duggan
A quirky gameshow game!

Captain Jelly

by Joel Forest


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Allan Lavell @allanlavell
Amy Gerardy @amymja
Anand Friesen @cmpstface
Anthony Dorge @corefire77
Clayton Wilchowy @claytoonW
Clinton Skibitzky
Devin Horsman
Jerrod Bacon @Pyronide
Jonathan Smadello @jprogman
Justin Patenaude
Kert Gartner @kertgartner
Mike Melillo @mike_melillo
Nathan Friesen
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