Ludum Dare 34

A local event taking place at ACI Manitoba during the 34th Ludum Dare global game jam on Friday, December 11th to Sunday, December 13th, 2015. Using the themes "Two Button Controls" and "Growing" these developers spent the weekend working to make their creative ideas a reality. Listed below, are participants including links to their games.


Sort the Court!

by Graeme Borland, Amy Gerardy, and Bogdan Rybak
You play a king who's in charge of all kinds of important decisions. Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow!
Ludum Dare



by Jake Carewick
Point your mouse in the direction you would like to fly. Left Click to float. Avoid spikes, and guide your maple seed to the clear patch of grass at the end of the levels.
Ludum Dare



by Daniel Voth and Abdi Abidov of Voyage Arts
Each player can influence the direction of the "swarm" by tapping their bumper. The faster you tap your bumper the faster you move in the direction you are pointing. Try to convert the swarm from red to blue or vice versa. First to collect 10 of their color wins!
Ludum Dare


fungus fungus fungus

by Matt Woelk and Benjamin Bergman
Simplest Area Control Game! Use a joystick to grow in that direction. Make sure to wiggle! 1-4 players! Controller required, missing controllers are AI.
Ludum Dare


A Subtle Dispute

by Steve Chubaty and Trevor Johnson
A gentlemanly duel of Rock Paper Scissors among wizards. Outwit your opponent by firing a beam of the superior element!
Fire beats Grass...
Grass beats Water...
Water beats Fire...
And your Special beam beats everything!
Ludum Dare


Combat Hell

by Anton Uklein
A aptly named bullet hell style shooter.
Ludum Dare

Dylan Fries @vagabond_king