Ludum Dare 32

Taking place at the New Media Manitoba space and at home, local indie game developers came together to participate in the 32nd Ludum Dare global game jam. From Friday, April 17 to Sunday, April 19th of 2015, these developers built games around the theme "An Unconventional Weapon." Listed below, are participants including links to their games.


Rhythm Ranger

by Zi Ye, Igor Puzhevich, Megan Alcock, and Bogdan Rybak
You are Lefty the bounty hunter. Use your incredible abilities and sense of timing to take on baddies in an epic showdown of rock-paper-scissors!


Mirror Mortis

by Graeme Borland and Amy Gerardy
Mirror Mortis is a game about vampires and mirrors. Explore your way through a castle full of secrets and puzzles on your quest to find a nice place for a nap.


by Daniel Voth and Abdi Abidov
A 2 player game where one player tries to stop the other by controlling the traffic lights!


Stop the Goblin Army

by Ryan Hill
Stop the Goblin Army by steering your car into them, bowling style.
Ludum Dare


Cactus Chyps and the Spiky Speary

by James Gudge
Cactus Chyps is the main character on a mission to defeat the rood dood Dr.Picklespear.
Ludum Dare

Dylan Fries @vagabond_king