PegJam May Events Update!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I forgot to send out an email blast for the last couple meet ups, we're still meeting the last Tuesday of the month at the Yellow Dog at 7:30 (next one is May 31st) and I'll send out a reminder for that.

Theres, a couple events coming up, including NMM hosting a panel as part of the Spur Festival coming up in May called "Hive Mind or Internet Mob" I would encourage you to check out the talk and the rest of the festival. The link is here:

Also, I'm going to have my studio open (Electric Monk Media) tomorrow for First Fridays. Come check out some cool photography, some of our demos including the VR Great Grey Owl, and I just received my new consumer level Oculus so come check that out if you like ( 205-245 McDermot, Friday May 6th, 6-9).

Last but not least, Daniel has put together a post mortem for Ludum Dare coming up later in May, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Also, I've been informed that there were typos on the pegjam site for months that noone told me about, so don't be shy about reaching out with feedback!! Thats what will make things better!

All the best!


LD35 is past, GC meeting tuesday, Game Jam 2016 to come.

Just a quick note, the next Game Collective Meetup is this Tuesday April 26th at the Yellow Dog, so come have a beer and meet other local game developers! Everyone is welcome and feel free to bring your game prototypes for feedback. (laptops or devices only please space is limited and plug locations treacherous ).

Thanks everyone who made it out to LD 35 on the weekend, it was a great jam and people made some great games. If you haven't checked out the recap Daniel put together, head over here now to find a list of the games made. He's also been the one doing the painstaking job of piecing together a list of all the previous jam attendees and games created so if you haven't checked it out yet, head over to the recap pages at and do that now! Its great to see how many great games have been produced from this city! Super special thanks again to New Media Manitoba for partnering and making this event possible, and to ACI for hosting us again! 


Speaking of Great Games, theres been a few releases you should check out this week on Steam from local developers. Brett Lowey of Brain Good Games released Axes and Acres this week as did Bogden, Megan & Igor aka Moonradish Games who released Wand Wars last week. Check these out and drop us a line if you'd like to have your local release mentioned or listed on the site. 

Hope to see you out Tuesday, we'll be talking LD35 Postmortum and the 2016 Winnipeg Game Jam. 


New Website for the Winnipeg Game Jam

I've created this website so there will be a central place to post information about the Winnipeg Game Jam. The 2015 Winnipeg Game Jam is bearing down on us and having a central place to post information about the event as well as follow up content will be helpful. 


We're also still looking for Volunteers for the game jam event. You don't have to be a registered participant and we're mostly looking for people to cover shifts at the registration desk. Please email for details.