2D Art - Game Dev Workshop

2D Art - Game Dev Workshop

This is a great chance to learn Unity over four individual sessions taught by four local developers and will be helpful for beginners or experienced devs alike. It also includes 2 hours of workshop time after each session where you can bring in a project you're working on or just test out what you just learned in a collaborative environment. Its only 50$ for 4 sessions and there's only a few seats left so register ASAP at https://newmediamanitoba.com/events/326/game-dev-with-unity-workshop


  • Unity3D
  • Gimp / Photoshop


  • Setting up 2D Sprites / Image import settings
  • Materials
  • Atlasing
  • Lighting
  • Orthographic & Perspective Cameras
  • Visual design theory

Amy Gerardy is a freelance digital artist who has worked on a variety of games and attended many game jams. She created the art for Sort the Court, Polydrone, Mirror Mortis, and has worked at Complex Games as a 2D and 3D artist. http://www.amygerardy.com @amymja