Behind the Scenes: Making Mixed Reality Trailers - Thursday, Sept 15th

You've said it yourself: "you have to try VR to understand it". Being in VR is so different that it's hard to communicate the experience with traditional media. Translating the feeling of being in a fully interactive virtual environment into a compelling 2D video people watch on their phone is a complicated problem. Mixed reality shows a player inside your game and is the best way to convey what it's like to be inside VR. Learn how they created the mixed reality livestreams and trailers for 'Fantastic Contraption' and how they solved many VR specific post-production problems along the way.

BONUS! PegJam indie game developers talk games - following Kert’s presentation, we will be screening 3 videos by NMM, focused on indie game dev companies at the PegJam. Don’t miss it!
(This series was shot by Electric Monk Media. Thank you.)

Mixed Reality videos take players and insert them into the VR game world. It's a dramatic way to show an audience of people with flat screens what it's like to be inside the game. The technique was invented and popularised by Colin and Sarah Northway in a Twitch live stream and the influential Fantastic Contraption trailer (later cited as inspiration for Valve's own mixed reality Vive trailer).

Mixed reality is a marriage of in-game and out-of-game techniques. The basis of mixed reality is to separate the game into two layers, representing objects which are in-front of the player and behind the player, and then to recombine them with footage of the player in the real-world.

Behind the Scenes: Making Mixed Reality Trailers
Where: ACI Classrooom
When: 6-8pm on September 15th
Cost: Free, but register ahead of time so we know how many to expect.

We will cover topics such as:
Advantages of mixed reality, origin of the idea, Adapting Colin's streaming tech to work in Post Production, Camera Choice, Frame Rate, Slating & World Rotation, The Green Screen Stage & Shooting on Set, Capturing first person VR footage, Post Production & Compositing mixed reality footage, Footage Calibration & Alignment, Shooting Contraptions in the living room, Editing live action VR reactions, Unresolved Problems & Hope for the Future

Attendee Takeaway
The audience will understand how to create mixed reality livestreams and trailers for their own VR projects. They will learn the differences in approaches, how to integrate the tech into their project, what hardware/software are required and the extra steps needed to create mixed reality trailers in post production.

Kert is a renowned indie game trailer craftsman and VFX industry veteran. He helped pioneer the creation of high quality mixed reality VR videos with the debut of the 'Fantastic Contraption' and 'Job Simulator' trailers for the HTC VIVE.  While he isn't immersed in VR, Kert is making some of the greatest indie game trailers out there working with the teams behind games like 'Nuclear Throne', 'Hotline Miami', 'Spelunky', 'FEZ', 'Broforce', 'TowerFall', and many more. In a past life, he contributed to over 25 Hollywood movies such as Superman Returns, Across the Universe, X-men III, and Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D.