Peg Jam 2016 Post-mortem July 19th 7pm @ Red River College

As we move forward from the 2016 Winnipeg game jam, join us on Tuesday, July 19th 7:00pm at Red River College downtown as we celebrate our community and creativity. Hear from first time game devs, all the way to veteran game jammers as they share their games, experiences and everything in between including audio, programming, art, hardware and much more!

Photo courtesy  of Steve Chubaty    @thesteveiam

Photo courtesy of Steve Chubaty @thesteveiam

Huge thanks to our PegJam 2016 event partners New Media Manitoba, Electric Monk Media, and ACI Manitoba.


  • Julian Beutel discussing creating music and sounds for PegJam 2016.
  • Steve Chubaty presenting A Quiet Night In The Neighborhood.
  • Matt Woelk presenting Boomtown Bowling.
  • Matheu Plouffe first time jammer presenting Defender of Earth.
  • Amy Gerardy, Graeme Borland, and Ibrahim Shahin presenting their teams game Fancy Fartifacts & Devilish Deals.
  • Braxton Anderson first time developer presenting his first game Fast Food.
  • Joshua Grand and Shera Starr presenting Hope, Abandoned.
  • Aaron Klaassen and Co. presenting their work on the Winnitron launcher.
  • Ryan Hill and Thomas Murphy presenting U.U.M. 3000 - Universal Urban Movers.
  • Anton Uklein presenting Captain Stargo in User Malicious.
  • Spencer Marr presenting Radius Turbo.
  • Daniel Voth and Abdi Abidov presenting Homeowners Association.
  • Dylan Fries presenting The Human Menace.
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Thanks to Red River College for their continued support of IGDA Winnipeg.
Thanks again to our partners New Media Manitoba, Electric Monk Media, and ACI Manitoba.