Peg Jam 2016 Recap +Game Collective Meetup #25

Join us this coming Tuesday 7:30pm at the Yellow Dog Tavern for the Winnipeg Game Collective Meetup as we discuss post Peg Jam 2016 and play some of the games on the Winnitron itself!

Now that all the dust has settled from last weekend's 2016 Winnipeg Game Jam, we would like to take the opportunity to recap the weekend by the numbers. Over the course of the weekend we saw 55+ people make over 20 games, also roughly 6 of those games were made for the Winnitron, with 1 VR game being made for the HTC Vive. Over a quarter of attendees were first time jammers with over 5 of those also being first time game devs!

Check out a collection of Twitter highlights from #PegJam2016 courtesy of Alyson Shane and New Media Manitoba below.

A special thanks goes out to our event partner New Media Manitoba, Dylan Fries from Electric Monk Media for organizing the jam and facilitating an amazing community and ACI Manitoba for access to an amazing space to be creative. Thanks to special guest speaker Calvin French of Kitty Lambda Games from Calgary, as well to Graeme Borland from Owlchemy Labs, freelance artist Amy Gerardy, Mike Berg of WeHeartGames, and BrettLowey of BrainGood Games. Also we would like to thank Albertine Watson, and Daniel Voth for generously volunteering their time and energy. And of course all of YOU for coming out to be apart of such an amazing, supportive, and creative community.


For a list of attendees and all their games feel free to check out Previous Game Jams here on!