Next Winnipeg Game Collective Meetup - July 28th

Hi everyone! Just a quick (and overdue!) note about the upcoming Game Collective Meeting. As we talked about last month, the date has been moved to the last Tuesday of each month, with the next meeting booked for July 28th at the Yellow Dog Tavern. This is both to draw us in line with the Halifax Game Collective nights, as we'd intended, and to have some more space at the bar. I've also booked off a large section of the Yellow Dog for that night, so we'll definitely have room for the Winnitron and any other demos people want to share. We had a great turnout last month and I think this one is going to be event better. We'll have some more standing room as well so its a great chance bring your friends to try out the WInnitron or see whats going on in game development in Winnipeg. 

For those that couldn't make it, the theme we drew was "Continious Motion", so if you still want to jam out a game, the idea is to bring in your prototype next meetup for feedback, then aim to have it ready for August's meetup to demo. We'll also draw a new theme that night. Andrew Shouldice of the Halifax team has informed me that they are also jamming on that theme, so we have a little competition. It'll be great to see what comes out of all this. 

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

What: 2nd Monthly Winnipeg Game Collective Meet-up (Open to All!)
Where: Yellow Dog Tavern
When: July 28th, 2015, 7PM - 10PM+