Post Jam & Moving Forward

Game Jam Wrap Up

First of all, I just want to thank everyone who came to this event, Jammed, and had a great time. The enthusiasm and dedication everyone brings to their projects and the good attitude and helpfulness of you, the attendees, is what makes this event work. 

Many Hands

I also want to take this opportunity to again thank our sponsors. New Media Manitoba, our Executive Sponsor, really made this event happen. Thanks to Kevin, Kathy, Louie, Angie and Alyson for their help and support. I also again want to thank Lumo Play, Complex Games, The Campfire Union, Playhouse Entertainment, Owlchemy Labs & IGDA Winnipeg for sponsoring. It is great to see our industry reaching out to support events such as this. Also a special thanks to ACI for again allowing us to use their wonderful space. 


I also again want to thank our speakers, Meghan Athavale, Trevor Johnson, Devin Reimer and Justin Amirkhani for their enlightening talks. You can find links to all their great and interesting work on the Speakers 2015 page here. I certainly learned many useful things and I hope you did as well.


There were many many volunteers and thanks to everyone who stepped up and lent a hand. This years event was much smoother then last year and everyone lending a hand really makes the difference. A special thanks to Les Klassen from The Campfire Union for helping with logistics and organizing the volunteers. 


I also wanted to thank Ryan Booker and you should too, as he’s the man responsible for fixing up the Winnitron controller we used for the Jam. He really did a great job and went above and beyond on this one. I wanted to also thank Marlon Wiebe and Andrew Shouldice of Halifax for working with us to coordinate this project. I think working with another game community is a great way for us to branch out and Halifax is a great city for game development so we’re going to be working with them moving forward on the Winnitron project and the newest endeavour, the Winnipeg Game Collective, which we’ll be running in conjunction with the Halifax Game Collective. 

Delicious Food

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Rachel and Kelly from Sansregrets Catering for all their hard work putting the delicious food together. ( works as well) is a website I've created to help have a central location to post about Winnipeg Game Dev related events. If you are running an event you think should be on here email me ( and I'll post it. Also, a big thank you goes out to Justin Unrau Design for helping us out with a Winnipeg Game Jam logo. Check out his portfolio at .

Moving Forward

Now that the Jam is done and regular life is settling back in, I wanted to point you to a couple of places to keep things moving forward. 

Jam Games

Currently the games that were posted are hosted at at . There were some great entries and I'm looking forward to hearing more about them at the Post-Mortum.


If you are interested in getting your game on the Winnitron, you can check out the requirements Here: and post about your game here: To be officially considered for the list. 

If you are interested in helping reconstruct the Winnitron, the best thing to do is post a note in the Winnitron forums Here . We're looking for people who are interested in helping get the Winnitron rebuilt and back into the wild. We're specifically looking for people to either build the cabinet, help with the electronics and controls, do some sweet panel art for it, or have equipment or money they would like to contribute, but all help is being accepted. 

Winnipeg Game Collective

I also want to announce the first meeting of the Winnipeg Game Collective, Thursday, June 25th at 7pm at the Yellow Dog Tavern. This is an informal, once a month meetup open to any current or perspective game developers as a way to bring the community together in a casual environment. We’re going to be meeting (remotely) with the Halifax Game Collective on the last Thursday of every month to have a low key, not really very structured get together of anyone doing Game Development in Winnipeg. We have some fun ideas to keep everyone full of ideas and I’m looking forward to have a chance to chat with everyone more about their projects and experiences. If you are working on a game and want to bring it along to get some hands on feedback, thats totally encouraged, although I take no responsibility if you or anyone else spills beer on your laptop. You have been warned, now I’ll see you at 7 on the 25th of June at the Yellow Dog Tavern. If you can leave a comment to RSVP if you intend on coming, that would be great as it will help us book space. If you're interested in helping organize any of the events listed above, or helping out in future events, also let me know, I'm always looking for help. 

Thanks again to everyone who came up and I hope to see you at another event soon!